Your PayPal payment

December 01, 2023
3 mins read, in principle, allows payment through PayPal. However, Korean users cannot pay with PayPal. (according to PayPal policy)

Therefore, we provide a separate PayPal payment button. This page is redirected after making a PayPal payment.

If the member information registered at and the PayPal member information you just made the payment with are the same, we will confirm and approve it immediately.
However, if the member information is different, it cannot be verified.

Please send us your member information (id or email) to [email protected] at and we will confirm and approve it.

be careful. If your account is different, your membership will not be approved.

If you do not send an email within 24 hours, we will randomly create an account at using your PayPal member information account and send it to you by email.

Please change your password after logging in.

We are very responsive to our customers.


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