Your PayPal payment
Your PayPal payment By 세종대왕 in notice-en December 01, 2023, in principle, allows payment through PayPal. However, Korean users cannot pay with PayPal. (according to PayPal policy)Therefore, we provide a separate PayPal payment button. This page is redirected after making...
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Your PayPal payment has been canceled.
Your PayPal payment has been canceled. By 세종대왕 in notice-en November 26, 2023
 Your PayPal payment has been canceled.helloYour PayPal payment has been canceled.Refunds are only available if canceled within a week under the terms of use.In particular, PayPal accounts are sometimes...
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Credit card payment method
Credit card payment method By 세종대왕 in notice-en August 27, 2023
 hello.Credit card payment is also possible outside of Korea.TosPayments supports overseas VISA. 
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Pay by PayPal
Pay by PayPal By 세종대왕 in notice-en March 12, 2023
  HelloIf you want to pay by PayPalPlease use https://ko.glPaypal payment is possible.If the number of users who wish to pay with PayPal also increases on...
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브랜딩 도메인 세팅 안내
브랜딩 도메인 세팅 안내 By 세종대왕 in notice-en March 12, 2023
  안녕하세요. 대한민국 단축url의 대명사 한글입니다.브랜딩 도메인 세팅에 대한 문의가 많이 와서 이해를 돕기 위해 설명해드리겠습니다.브랜딩 도메인이란...
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신용카드결재 및 앱결재연동 작업
신용카드결재 및 앱결재연동 작업 By 세종대왕 in notice-en March 12, 2023
  안녕하세요. 한글입니다. 금일 2022.10.06 토스페이먼트 모듈을 연동하였습니다. 승인까지 최대 2주가 소요됩니다.카드결재는 진행되지만 실결재는 되지...
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